P McInnis

Even though the House Of Finery has not yet opened, I am going to review their progress so far. I have driven by the previous store for over 10 years. I went in a couple of times and there wasn’t a lot to it. It was just your run of the mill antique store with creaky floors and a building that needed some major TLC. Since the new owners have taken over, they have been hard at work virtually rebuilding the entire place from the inside out. It would not surprise me if they had already spent $100,000 in renovations. It looks spectacular! You can tell just by the work they are doing that they are serious, dedicated people. They have put a new roof on both buildings, paved the parking lot, and revitalized all the walls inside and out. They have built a new retaining wall that looks so much nicer than the old one. I drove by last night and they were preparing to hang a brand new, beautiful sign above the entire front porch. Everything about this place says class and quality. They have even setup a very nice nativity scene in a small side building on the property. It’s just this type of community investment we need to strengthen spirits and reinvigorate our neighborhood. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Great job, House Of Finery! Well done.

D Frier

Very Nice!

S Phillips

Love this shop! Very on trend yet classic pieces. A mixture of high quality furniture that you can purchase for yourself for years to come, or smaller gifts for family and friends. The prices were reasonable. I’m happy to support a shop like this instead of an Ethan Allen. I’ve been driving past this place for 20 years. So happy to see the owners have remodeled the store and have done it justice. Will be going back and taking pieces back to my home on New Orleans!

K Smith

Can’t say enough great things about the place. Modern yet rustic. Carefully procured home decor that stands apart from all of the other local places. Simply stunning

M Brookhart

Fantastic shop in a great historical building. Definitely a must visit.

W Blum

Beautiful store, excellent selection of home furnishings, accessories and gifts!


G Carol

Lovingly restored to more then it’s past history,” The House Of Finery” is a beautiful jewel nestled @the 4 way in Loganville on Rosebud. Restoring adjacent buildings for more local business. Come check things out for yourselves.

S Flynn

I’ve been going by that building and property for 25 years watched it decline very happy to see somebody take a beautiful building to bring it back We definitely will stop in and see you when you’re open for business.

C Ovenshire

Beautiful new store! Furniture and lots of neat items!

D Green

Very pleasant atmosphere!!