Home Decor Store in Loganville

Objects of Beauty . Should you add accessories to your home? Absolutely! It gives you a chance to bring special items to a room that expresses your personality. Live your Life of Finery.

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House Of Finery takes off to Belgium

Wheels up! Tomorrow is the day that House Of Finery takes off to Belgium to bring back beautiful antique treasures. We will carefully curate the best pieces and invite you in when they arrive . Ahhhh… I can smell the frites now


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Artwork can add personality to any room

Artwork at House of Finery – A Boutique in Loganville, Georgia


Artwork can add personality to any room. House of Finery has a wonderful selection of many different styles for your Life of Finery.

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Lighter and Brighter!

Lighter and brighter.  Add pops of color to your home for a fresh look.

Rich home decor palettes are a trend for 2018 . Will you take the plunge? Come by House of Finery and let us help you reach your home decor goals.

Eyebob Readers at House of Finery!

Stop by House of Finery and try on a pair of fashionable and fun readers from eye-bobs.


We also have a beautiful selection of jewelry from eNewton that make wonderful gifts.

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Accent Chairs Can Change the Mood of Any Room…

A beautiful accent chair can change the mood of any room.


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Come in and let us add to your Life of Finery or fill out the form below to make an appointment for a consultation by one of our Curators!